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TutorJack is an in-person tutoring center experience for math, reading and more.

Ultra-low student-teacher ratios, bite-sized learning modules and relevant practice make for better student outcomes.

More Attention Means More Learning

Our unique learning model alternates between 1:1 instruction and small group practice. It's a highly-effective combination. In fact, our centers are built around this method of instruction.
We'd love for you to come see what makes TutorJack the most effective learning environment for your kid.
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TutorJack Tutoring FAQs

  • What is the typical student-teacher ratio at a TutorJack tutoring center?

    Our max student-teacher ratio is 3:1, and we are frequently working closer to 2:1.

    We use a unique method of instruction that alternates between teaching periods and practice periods. Each student will spend 1:1 time with an instructor before doing practice in a small pod of three students. During the practice period, the is an additional instructor to help students as questions or difficulties arise.

    These periods are very short (about five minutes), and our curriculum is designed around this method. It is very effective because of the individualized instruction and the immediate availability of assistance during practice.

  • How often do students attend tutoring?

    Most of our students attend our center twice per week for tutoring. That can be flexible, though.

  • How long is each tutoring session?

    Older students typically attend tutoring for 45 minutes, and younger students typically attend for 30 minutes.

    The tutoring method we use is highly dynamic, and it's specifically designed to keep students engaged by utilizing bite-sized learning modules and alternating between teaching and practice periods.

  • What if we are gone for a week or two? Are those sessions forfeited?

    We track sessions on a rolling four-week period, so no. You can make up missed sessions over a few weeks when you get back. This also means you don't need to worry about your kid missing a session or two due to illness or other commitments.

    You will probably find that we are more flexible than most tutoring centers with issues like this. Our goal is to not just provide the most effective tutoring program available but to also be very easy and enjoyable to work with.

  • What subjects do you tutor?

    We tutor most subjects, including math, reading, science and test prep. We teach high-level math, including calculus, but we don't do foreign languages or niche subjects in our normal tutoring center program. We do, however, have other subjects available in a private tutoring format, so give us a call at (281) 201-3720 to inquire.

  • What are your tutor qualifications?

    This is an important question! TutorJack has significantly higher tutor requirements than most tutoring centers. We require a college degree and prior teaching experience, and tutors come on as W2 employees who go through our proprietary training and certification program. They are also background checked before they are hired.

    We pay our tutors significantly more than the industry standard, too. Many tutoring centers pay little more than minimum wage. It's impossible to recruit, train and retain qualified tutors on that kind of wage, so the quality of instruction inevitably suffers. We pay tutors significantly more and have much less turnover. This results in a better experience and better outcomes for your kid.

  • Does your curriculum line up with what my kid is doing in school?

    Yes, because the learning plan we will develop for your child will be based on both the assessment test and their school curriculum. Some of our students are enrolled at TutorJack specifically to improve grades in school, and we welcome that. For those students, the learning plan will be developed specifically toward that goal.

    Other students are enrolled to provide a more general academic support and ensure long-term success in a specific area, like math. Even for these students, the learning plan will be developed in an effort to also improve school performance.

  • Can my kid get help with more than one subject?

    Yes, of course. There are also multi-subject discounts available.

  • Do you also offer 1-on-1, private tutoring?

    Yes. While our standard tutoring center program features a lot of 1-on-1 instruction, we also have fully 1-on-1 private tutoring available at an hourly rate. This can also be done at our center, and we can even do short 30 or 45 minute sessions if that's your preference.

  • Will I be updated on my kid's progress?

    Absolutely. Your child's tutor will upload notes to your Parent Portal after every session, so you'll stay updated on the progress that's being made. This is one of the many advantages of very low student-teacher ratios. Your kid's tutor will know your child and will be able to speak to his or her progress.

  • How does the assessment test relate to the learning plan?

    We've identified hundreds of concepts that form the basis of a student's progression from kindergarten to high school in a specific subject. The assessment test tells us which concepts your child has mastered and which they haven't, and it's specific to his or her grade level. The learning plan is based on the results of the assessment test and plots a path to where your kid needs to go over the next several months of tutoring.

  • What kind of contract do I have to sign?

    No contract, no commitment. If you don't think the tutoring experience your child is having meets or exceeds your expectations, you can quit whenever you'd like.

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